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Smoke curtains are concealed drop down barriers designed to prohibit the spread of smoke in an emergency. The curtains eliminate the requirement for solid fire walls which facilitates open plan design. The shutters have minimal visual impact and are housed within a 200mm head box which can be recessed into the roof. Curtains are suitable for use in most situations and can be Incorporated into an emergency egress plan which protects key areas from smoke contamination.


Each curtain is constructed from 60+ Fire Shield Fabric™ reinforced woven glass-fibre base fabric coated with a heat reflective micronised aluminium polymer. The curtain is only fixed to a head box which allows for maximum flexibility in placement throughout a building. The top box comes standard in galvanised steel but can be powder coated in a range of colours, please see palette.


An activation system links into the buildings fire alarm system. A signal from the fire alarm will activate the drive-roller mechanism to lower the curtain to the operational position.


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DBS501 Automatic Smoke Curtain

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