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The GSG Trellidor system is a fully framed retractable security grille which expands to secure the whole of an opening. The system is constructed with a galvanised steel trellis consisting of vertical uprights and horizontal 'flights' crossing a minimum of 3 verticals which allows the grille to expand and contract uniformly. The trellis is fitted into tracks at the top and bottom allowing the grille to slide open and closed. The system is locked using a single-throw, single key point mechanism with multi-point locking locations. Available trellidor options include, single sash, double sash, single flexi sash, double flexi sash or fixed sash. The system can be top hung, reveal or face fixed. Can be designed to fit any width of aperture.Trellidor grilles can be powder coated in a range of colours, see palette chart for more information.


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Security gates are designed to prohibit access to the rear of a property. The gates are designed to:

Restrict access to the back of people’s homes.

Make it very difficult for criminals to climb over them.

Be robust, long lasting and resilient to attack.

Be low maintenance.

Give an unrestricted view down the alley.

Be easy to operate by residents.

Give value for money.

Be aesthetically acceptable.


GSG Trellidor


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Security Guard Screen


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Security window screens are designed to protect against burglary and vandalism. The system deatures a framed and perforated sheet of galvanised steel that fits over a window opening to protect it from burglary and vandalism. Designed to have low environmental interference, the screen blends in with the architectural features of the building. The screen is 1.5mm thick galvanised steel sheet with a matrix of perforations providing 60% vision. The aluminium frame can be powder coated in a range of colours, please see colour palette.



Minimum single screen dimensions 400mm x 400mm.

Maximum single screen dimensions 1300mm x 2500mm.

Double screen size: 2500mm x 2600mm

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