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Dock levellers bridge the gap between the height of the dock and the deck of an incoming vehicle. The equipment is versatile and robust allowing rapid loading and unloading. Recommended for production areas that need to receive or distribute goods. The leveller is operated hydraulically and can facilitate a maximum working range of 300mm in both directions (12.5% max gradient). This allows the equipment to be compatible with a much wider range of vehicle thus increasing flexibility and efficiency. Loading capacity is 6000Kg single axle loading and 9000Kg total dynamic load.



Platform width: up to 2000mm

Platform length: up to 2500mm

Lip length: up to 450mm

Leveller depth: 600mm

Pit depth: 600mm


A Retractable dock shelter is an extendable PVC awning system which encloses incoming vehicles when docking at a loading bay. The shelter creates a thermal seal around the back of the vehicle and the building which significantly reduces internal heat loss whilst protecting any exposed areas to adverse weather conditions. The system improves the environmental performance of the loading bay building whilst reducing energy requirements and improving safety for personnel and goods.

The protective curtains are constructed from 3mm thick PVC reinforced with a double crossed nylon weave. The curtain elements are available in a range of colours. The main structure and frame are manufactured in galvanised steel.

The shelter will retract upon incorrect alignment preventing the chances of damage to the dock or the vehicle.


Width: up to 3400mm

Height: up to 3450mm

Projection: 600mm / 900mm

Top curtain: 1000mm / 1200mm / 1500mm


A dock seal is a compressible projection which extends around a loading bay. It is comprised of three foam pads along the two sides and top of the loading bay access point. The pads protect the vehicle and building during the docking procedure in addition to providing a seal which reduces heat loss and exposure to adverse weather conditions. The foam elements are constructed from one piece of PVC coated nylon fabric. Lightweight polyether foam with a good recovery rate is used for the core of the pad seals. A single piece of hard-wearing 1500g/m2 neoprene coated nylon is stitched to the front face of the cover and extends 50mm down each side - this forms the main wear area of the seal.


Standard opening size 2250mm x 2750mm.

Standard seal profile 300mm x 300mm with a height to suit building / vehicle parameters.


An inflatable dock seal is a series of inflated bags around a loading bay entrance. The system is activated and moulds around the back of the incoming vehicle to form a tight seal. This significantly reduces heat loss from the loading bay building whilst protecting the vehicle and building from potential impacts. The system is very flexible and can accommodate a range of vehicle sizes.

An inflatable Unit consists of one header and two vertical side airbags mounted to a galvanised steel framework. Air bags are inflated by a high volume, low pressure motor/blower system. When activated the motor assembly forces air through the header and side air bags to quickly inflate and conform to the profile of the vehicle to form a seal. When the unit is deactivated the air bags quickly retract to the stored position. Any condensation inside the air bags is automatically exhausted each time the unit is activated. The air bags are made using a double stitched high strength vinyl material which is durable and highly flexible even in extreme cold conditions. Fabric is breathable, therefore pressure does not build up.

Loading Bay Range



Outer dimensions: 3500mm wide x 3600mm high

610mm projection

1220mm header air bag

Two vertical air bags: 610mm wide when inflated

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FDL Hydraulic Dock Leveller

FRDS Retractable Dock Shelter

FDS Dock Seal

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