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Fire shutter products are designed to provide security for internal commercial and industrial locations. Shutter doors consist of galvanised steel laths enclosed in a protective frame. Doors are automatically operated by a control system. Lath profiles are available in a range of sizes and levels of integrity / stability. Shutters can be powder coated in a wide range of colours. A number of control options are available:




Electrical signal will trigger the door to drive closed when fire sensor is triggered.



Electrical system can be tailored to a specific environment allowing a series of doors to close at different intervals and to different degrees. System can be customised to:


-part close doors

-close under smoke detection signal

-close when signalled by fire alarm

-close on timer

-show a visual display "shutter closing"

-sound a warning klaxon

-close under controlled descent by a battery back up power supply



Door will drive closed upon a break in a thermal fusible link.



Door will close under controlled descent upon a break in a solenoid release system.


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DBF75 Industrial Fire


FCF75 Commercial Fire

FCF50 Commercial Fire



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A single-skinned galvanised steel fire shutter. 75mm flat faced lath profile. Fire integrity: 4-hours. Openings up to 6000mm x 6000mm. Automatic self-closing. Recommended for sports stadiums, shopping centres, airports, warehouses and factories.

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