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12 Aug 2013

Specification booklets  


Fortress group are pleased to announce the release of our brand new 2013 product specification brochure. The booklet can be downloaded as one complete document or in individual sections. The new brochure is an ideal way for clients to gain an understanding of the Fortress product range. Hard copies of the product booklet are also available, please send an email with the relevant postage information to [email protected]  Alternatively you can use our "quote" section, or call us directly on +44 (0)1942 817 489.




1 Aug 2013

ISO 9001 audit training at Fortress Belfast


Fortress Group employ the ISO9001 management system, with certification from the  International Organisation for Standardisation. The certification is awarded to businesses who demonstrate a high level of professional protocol, it is externally audited twice a year to ensure standards are maintained. The start of the month saw 4 Fortress employees becoming internal auditors to spread the workload within the Belfast office.




26 Jul 2013

Axalux High Security Shutter


Our latest product has been released - the Fortress Axalux Security shutter. The new shutter builds upon the strength of our existing commercial and industrial shutter range. The Axalux range has completed testing by the building research establishment and has been awarded LPCB certification. The door is available in three levels which correspond to LPCB class 1 - 3 ,depending on the security requirement.




20 Jul 2013

New websites launched


Fortress has invested in a new web presence for its UK and Irish companies. The new websites provide information about the company along with a range of technical information about our products.






3 Jun 2013

BBS Steel Door range


Expanding our range of Steel doors, Fortress is proud to introduce its brand new BBS door-set range. The BBS doors represent the pinnacle in maximum security steel doors and feature some of Fortress's most advanced technology. The products have been tested by the Building research Establishment in Belfast and were awarded LPCB certification classes 1 - 5. Our class 5 BBS door is one of the most robust steel door-sets available on the market and is bullet and ballistic resistant up to FB6/FSG.



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