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The Fortress DBi101 features 2 reinforced steel ribs to provide increased structural rigidity and protection against wind loading. The shutter is constructed from a double-skinned, galvanised steel lath with an insulated core. The flat faced lath profile is 100mm x 24mm and the system is suitable for openings up to 6000mm x 6000mm. Insulated shutter systems such as the DBi101 are recommended for applications subject to heavy wind loads and buildings requiring high thermal performance - warehouses and factories. The reduced heat loss ensures that internal temperatures can be maintained without relying upon additional energy requirements. The DBi101 system requires a minimum headroom of 550mm above a clear opening. For restricted headroom applications please contact our technical team to discuss the options.

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Insulated shutter products are designed to provide security for external industrial locations. Shutter doors consist of interlocking laths each with 2 layers of galvanised steel enclosed in a protective frame. Each lath has a 19mm cavity within which thermal insulation is added, thus achieving a significantly lower U value than a standard shutter. Doors can be manually operated or controlled by a range of motor options. Shutters can be powder coated in a wide range of colours- please see colour palette. A number of additional control options are available including rocker switches, remote control operation and self checking safety edges. For more information on Fortress insulated shutters please contact us.

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