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A single-skinned galvanised steel fire shutter. 75mm flat faced lath profile. Fire integrity: 4-hours. Openings up to 6000mm x 6000mm. Automatic self-closing. Recommended for sports stadiums, shopping centres, airports, warehouses and factories.

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Fire shutter Range

Fire shutter products are designed to provide security for internal commercial and industrial locations. Shutter doors consist of galvanised steel laths enclosed in a protective frame. Doors are automatically operated by a control system. Lath profiles are available in a range of sizes and levels of integrity / stability. Shutters can be powder coated in a wide range of colours. A number of control options are available:




Electrical signal will trigger the door to drive closed when fire sensor is triggered.



Electrical system can be tailored to a specific environment allowing a series of doors to close at different intervals and to different degrees. System can be customised to:


-part close doors

-close under smoke detection signal

-close when signalled by fire alarm

-close on timer

-show a visual display "shutter closing"

-sound a warning klaxon

-close under controlled descent by a battery back up power supply



Door will drive closed upon a break in a thermal fusible link.



Door will close under controlled descent upon a break in a solenoid release system.


DBF75 Industrial Fire


FCF75 Commercial Fire

FCF50 Commercial Fire



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The DBiR101 is an insulated fire shutter which provides Fortress's highest level of fire protection. The lath is similar to that of a standard insulated shutter, however the cavity is filled with heat resistant fibreboard insulation for additional fire protection. These features provide up to 17 mins of insulation protection and significantly reduce latent and radiated heat. The shutter is constructed of a double galvanised steel lath measuring 101mm. Fire integrity: 270 mins. Automatic self-closing. Ideal for large span openings.

DBiR101 Insulated Fire


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